Use Our "5 Dimensional Ad" Formula That Hyper-Trains Meta's Algorithm to Stand Out, Differentiate and Find Quality Leads and Clients for Higher Returns

Discover WHY Constantly 'Refreshing Ad Creative' Actually Signals a Deeper Problem You Need to Fix 

What you're getting inside this "5 Dimensional Ad" Mini-Course


In Order to Win, You Must First Learn How NOT to Lose

Not doing this part right sabotages your ad before it ever has a fair chance to actually work


Using "Dimension Progression" to Follow the Brain's Natural Decision Making Process

Most try to sell too quickly without properly progressing through these "Dimensional Elements" needed for instant context and qualified clicks


8 Ad Templates Reverse Engineered from Our Best Working Ads Ads

We've included 8 "Intro Formulas" reverse-engineered from our highest converting ads


Leveraging the Algorithm to Beat Your Competition and Predictably Scale Ads

Learn how you get "outbid" even if spending more than your competition - and how to NEVER let it happen again


2X-5X Conversions with Ad Body Copy that Prequalifies and Presells

A no-fail formula to use in the body copy of your ads for proper "expectation conditioning"  that creates more sales [and filters out the WRONG audience]

Plus, you get these special bonuses

Retargeting Strategy Reset - why "TOFU-MOFU-BOFU" targeting is fatally flawed [what works 5X better]

In this bonus we explain why the consensus strategy of "TOFU-MOFU-BOFU" targeting is fatally flawed

Why Typical “Ascension Models” actually cause LOW ascension rates. (NO typo there) and instead how to "flip that on its head"

How to use "unconventional optimization" that puts typical lead generation models on it's head

Scaling back into "old, burned out audiences" and finding fresh new customers and clients

Now that we have "Element Dimensions" defined we can show you how to create "Minimum Viable Messages" to scale in ways NOBODY else teaches

If People Actually Knew The "Downstream Effects" Their Ads Created - They Would Do ANYTHING BUT Copy Other Ads

Everyone thinks their offer and landing page is the main driver of creating sales and customers

But if they only knew how much we're increasing conversions without touching the landing page

It's time to fix this...

Everyone focuses on "Stopping the Scroll" but we've proven there's a deeper level than just merely "getting attention"

We create "Instant Understanding" through our Element System that Prequalifies and Presells Prospects for Higher Conversion Rates

This allows the algorithm to correctly define the "profiles of data" they need to target

The 5 Dimensional Ad Creates the Right Actions to Leverage the Algorithm for Predictable Scaling 

These Different Parts Come Together into One Process that Creates More Customers and Clients On-Demand

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  • The 5 Dimensional Ad ($199.00 value):
  • Why Most Retargeting Strategies Fail ($9)
  • Optimal Acquisition Models ($49)
  • Message Scaling Method ($79)

Total Value: $336.00

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What Others Are Saying

Why This is Completely Different Than Anything You've Tried Before

This was actually developed for HOW Social Media works - NOT from the those still trying to rehash Traditional Direct Response tactics from 50 years ago

  • 1
    You do NOT have to Waste TONS of time researching your competition trying to copy their ads (They're usually not working as good as you might assume anyway)
  • 2
    You do NOT have to constantly create new images and videos - because these types of ads last longer (Refreshing Creative was never a 'fatigue' issue in the first place - it was always low auction scores) 
  • 3
    You do NOT have to "overproduce images" or record over-the-top short form videos - which actually sabotage your intended result (The message is superior by definition therefore increasing click and engagement rates)

What Others Say about Our Methodology

Chris Rocheleau is the Greatest Social Media Copywriter on the Planet

 Keith Krance

Founder, Dominate Web Media

“I can’t say enough about Chris… It really is a beacon of hope in a very crowded marketplace. When people are struggling just to get their ads seen at a cost that is reasonable, Chris comes along and shatters the way everyone else teaches copy… his formulas are epic and result in CPAs that can easily drop in half… If you’re struggling to start your ads on the right foot... is a no-brainer… and if you’re looking to scale, this is THE best way to do that, too… These skills are invaluable.”

 Stirling Gardner,
Owner, Stackt Digital

Chris is the Real Deal, his ad methods have totally skyrocketed my ROAS for my clients, he is the internet's best kept secret! 

 Lauren Egeland,

Owner, Lauren Egeland Marketing

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this give me the cheapest cost per click?

Only outdated ad philosophies teach to optimize for the cheapest cost per click. But due to 'dynamic feedback loops' in social media algorithms... this is no longer true. In fact, the highest converting ads typically have the higher cost per click. Optimizing for the cheapest click only gives you low quality prospects. So in summary, no this won't give you the cheapest cost per click - but these ad formulas do prove to get the highest conversion rates and the highest ROAS compared to "typical" ads. 


How long will it take to complete this course?

The total time of the lessons is just under 3 hours of videos including the bonus material. So the time to write and implement the strategies could put you at a total of 4 to 5 hours before launching your "5 Dimensional Ads". 

A total of 5 hours to learn a superior ad system with proven formulas to kickstart your campaigns.


How is this different from other ad training?

Most ad training is very similar - they teach you to focus on "over-producing" your creatives while only using generic "call outs" like "ATTN COACHES" - the problem with that type of headline is simple -  everyone uses it. So those types of ads have lost its effectiveness. But our ad system is derived from our "Element System" that specifically covers the decision making processes humans go through when choosing to engage. Plus they set better context - which creates "instant understanding" and higher conversion rates.


Can I get this training anywhere else?

This Training is not some rehashed version of the same old stuff. This system was developed through the unique thinking processes we discovered through trial and error. It was later validated by the latest findings in evolutionary psychology and the trans-theoretical model of human behavior. 

So in short, no - this is original content not taught by anyone else but Chris Rocheleau


Your Special Offer To Get Started Today

  • The 5 Dimensional Ad ($49.00 value):
  • Why Most Retargeting Strategies Fail ($9)
  • Optimal Acquisition Models ($19)
  • Message Scaling Method ($39)

Total: $116.00

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About Chris Rocheleau

Being a full time marketer, agency owner and consultant for over 13 years I got sick and tired of seeing the same tactics and strategies being used and taught everywhere

So I developed and refined a messaging system where I defined every "Element" based on how how the human brain typically processes thoughts.

It does NOT rely on regurgitating and rehashing the same copy training developed by the great copywriters of their time.

Although I respects and admire those pioneers, they never had access to technology like algorithmic feedback loops to refine their strategies.

Their Marketing and Messaging tactics required a translation. As a result, I developed CODE Methodology to work with today’s social media landscape.

It stands for "Context. Optimal. Decisive. Elements".

This messaging system beats everything we’ve matched it up against. As a result, and if used properly, this method always increases conversions and bottom-line revenue.

Armed with being able to witness over tens of millions in social media ad spend using these methods - I've refined this into a system that works every time if properly applied. 

If you've read this far... take a leap of faith

Your Special Offer To Get Started Today

  • The 5 Dimensional Ad ($199.00 value):
  • Why Most Retargeting Strategies Fail ($9)
  • Optimal Acquisition Models ($49)
  • Message Scaling Method ($79)

Total: $116.00

$7 Today

94% Off To Get Started

*All Prices in USD. Sales tax may apply in your jurisdiction

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