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NeuroCreative Workshop


Important: Watch This Short Training.

Get the Exact Ad Image Strategy We Use to Create "Buying Resonance" in the Brain within 15 Milliseconds By triggering one of the 7 "Brain Agendas" so your ad creatives always match your message

Note: You'll only see this page once, so please read every word and listen to the video carefully.

  • NeuroCreative Workshop $297.00
  • 90 Minute Workshop (Video) with Dr Nic Lucas Ph.D and Chris Rocheleau
  • Use the 'brain agendas' to write stories that create buyer resonance.
  • Use this to develop new markets for your products and/or services.
  • What to avoid so you don't create 'buying dissonance'

Available at: $297.00

$99 Today

67% Off (You Save $198.00)

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Priceless!!!  I’ve seen this work in multiple businesses. It’s crazy how many angles we’ve seen work after your training.

Bret Thomson

This training is hitting for sure, with lots of good company and invaluable insights. Awesome.

Gary Jesch

What you're getting when you confirm your upgrade to the NeuroCreative Workshop today:

First, you're getting the workshop replay:


The Brain behind the Purchase.

The fast and slow 'brain systems' and their role in making purchase decisions.


The 7 Non-Conscious Brain Agendas 

How to create 'positive cognitive resonance' in the brain and mind for empowered purchase decisions.


A Systematic Process for 'Creative Testing' 

Identify exactly which images to use and why. Outsmart your competition and never run short of creative ideas again.


NeuroCreative Image Scaling

Squeeze more out of each audience by enabling the Facebook algorithm to target different pockets of people.

Plus, you get these special extras

Stories that Trigger the "Buying Agenda" 

The brain is primed to buy when the right story creates cognitive resonance.

Growth Through 'Agenda Hacking'

Gain new insights into the potential 'reach' of your products or services.

Your Will Get All Of This
For the ONE-TIME Price of
Only $99
But you must act right now
This offer is only available on THIS page.

Workshop Feedback

Mike Murphy // Agency Owner, Media Buyer

Nothing but wins - clients are floored.

Mark Laurin // Dital Agency Owner

Let's geek out!!!! This session is nothing short of fantastic!

Leandro Lozahic

Hello from France! Great session.

Chad Barker // Fractional CFO

Awesome session! Nic and Chris, thank you for the brilliant insights.

Devin Jordan

Love the in-depth approach. This training is a game-changer!


This is earth-shifting information! Looking forward to more amazing insights.

Simon Chau

Thank you so much for the awesome training! Truly insightful and engaging.

Tom Metcalfe

I'm already hooked on this amazing session.

Josh Wheeler

This session is absolutely fantastic and packed with knowledge!

Irina Litvin

This session was really amazing, and I can't wait for more.

Cindy Molchany

This puts demographics on its head. Perfect for anyone looking to deepen their understanding.

John Susko

This is amazing stuff! The session was full of ground-breaking information and practical applications.

Carl Bischoff

Awesome training with key takeaways for AI prompting and thinking about creative elements in ads. Very well done!

Ted Prodromou


Jack Zuvelek

I really appreciate the in-depth approach and practical examples shared during the workshop. Truly amazing!

Scott Mooney

The training was invaluable and eye-opening, providing fantastic insights on targeting and ad performance.

Crystal Fieldhouse

Made me consciously realize why certain images work, providing invaluable insights into ad strategy.

Davina Ho

The training was very helpful for understanding visual strategies. Great stuff!

JD Crouse

The insights on triggering the different agendas were eye-opening and fantastic.

Graham English

Excellent training! The insights provided were extremely helpful and practical.

Mark Benda

Powerful simplicity! This training provided invaluable insights and practical solutions for testing ad creative.

James Santiago

This was a very useful discussion with great insights. Loved it!

Dr Sheldon Nix

The insights on the brain agendas are invaluable. The training was incredibly deep and well-presented!

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