If you are a business leader, founder, or entrepreneur, then you are 100% responsible for your business and success in life.

No partner, team member, agency or consultant is in the driver's seat of your unique journey.

Only you are. 100%

And at the core of your business, the 'central engine' that drives everything, is your ability to find buyers for your products and services, and to make a profit in the process.

This is NOT a responsibility you hand over to a stranger.

It is not something you absolve yourself of by throwing money at a marketing agency, or hoping someone else on your team can make it rain.

Making it rain is on you. 100%.

And yet this task is getting harder and harder, and 2024 is no different.

Costs to acquire clients and customers have gone up.

Data tracking and measuring has become more complex.

The addition of AI into the business ecosystem is a disruption of unknown proportions.

The need for you to get clients or customers and maximize their average order value and lifetime value has never have been so important, vital and essential.

This is not something you delegate

It's something you undertake

This dynamic is playing out in businesses of all shapes and sizes.  

Overwhelmed CEO's and Entrepreneurs feel the uncertain challenge creeping up on them as it suffocates their success and enjoyment.

The question is...

Who can you turn to for expertise and guidance when you know that in order to grow in 2024 you need to double down on excelling at the basics, while implementing an advanced approach to the creation of clients, customers and profit. 

If you already know that 2024 cannot, and must not, be a repeat of 2023, then you're in the prime position to be a part of CODE Collaboration.


"Two or more people working together to create or achieve the same thing."

CODE Collaboration is an advisory and consulting group amplified by its select members and led by Chris Rocheleau and Dr Nic Lucas.

At the core of the Collaboration is CODE Methodology, an approach to advertising on social media, designed, developed and deployed by Chris Rocheleau, which maximizes results and minimizes waste through the artful use of contextual persuasion within a frame of scientific testing, reason and logic.

Based on over 30 million dollars of testing across over 100 verticals and niches, CODE Methodology is a unique and sophisticated approach that makes 'making sales' look easy.

Members of CODE Collaboration will extend their use of CODE Methodology to scale their advertising campaigns in Facebook, and extend across platforms, including Instagram, X, Google, and Email.

The CORE focus of CODE Collaboration is to increase clients Average Order Value, Lifetime Value, and Return on Ad Spend, leading ultimately to an increase in profit and more enjoyment in business.

In 2022 He Spent Just $3156.46 Total on Ads Until He Joined Us:

But in 2023 He Spent Over $141,078+ PER MONTH After Using Our System

One of our CODE clients  JUSTIN a seasoned start-up founder from Silicon Valley, was stuck with Facebook ads. He learned about CODE Methodology, booked a call with Dr Nic, and joined the program straight away.

After completing the program, he joined CODE Collaboration for continued advice, guidance, resources, and insights to continue scaling and optimizing profit.

140K+ Ad Spend Per Month

After 3 months of CODE  JUSTIN was able to scale his ad spend to $6,000 to $7,000 a day for over 7 months.


His main ad has become its own discussion forum, with over 2,000 comments, X shares, and X reactions.

Changing G Search Results

By driving so much traffic, Google search volume has changed.

Launched 2nd Product

Based on the success of this first product JUSTIN  was able to launch his second product.


Advanced CODE Messaging

Advanced CODE Media Buying

Advanced CODE Email Remarketing

Advanced CODE Audience Scaling

Advanced CODE Message Scaling

Lead Arbitrage and Diversification

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CODE Collaboration is designed for forward thinking, courageous, and resilient founders, entrepreneurs and marketers who are pursuing high performance in business and life.

Our ideal clients meet the following criteria:

A proven product: Our ideal clients have already developed a successful product that resonates with their target market. They understand their customers' needs and have a track record of delivering value.

Tracking and measuring: They have implemented robust tracking and measuring systems to analyze the performance of their ads. This data-driven approach allows them to make informed decisions and optimize their campaigns effectively.

Stable tech stack: Our ideal clients have a stable and reliable tech stack in place. They can handle increased volumes of inquiries and sales without any major technical hiccups.

Ad spend commitment: While not critical, our ideal clients are already investing at least $500 to $1,000 per day in ad spend. This demonstrates their commitment to scaling their business and willingness to allocate resources for growth.

Diversified product offerings: They are not solely dependent on a single product or single front end sale for success. Instead, they have a range of offerings or a product line that allows them to explore different avenues of revenue generation.

Focus on increasing value: Whether it's through increasing the average order value or maximizing the lifetime value of their customers, our ideal clients understand the importance of optimizing their business metrics to drive growth.

Exceptions: The exception to the above criterion is a digital business, such as publishing, training, education, coaching or consulting that has the potential to scale.

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Chris Rocheleau

Chris Rocheleau | Founder & Creator, CODE Methodology

Being a full time marketer, agency owner and consultant for over 13 years Chris was burnt out on seeing the same tactics, gimmicks and overused strategies being taught from every training program, every brand and every client that came to him.

So he started asking hard questions and questioning why these same “traditional formulas” were constantly overused.

What he found was the online landscape required an update.

It needed a new translation, one that fit where the world was going, not where it was.

So over the past 13 Years as a Strategist, Copywriter and Media Buyer he's developed and refined a messaging system unique to the marketing industry.

It does NOT rely on regurgitating and rehashing the same copy training developed by the great copywriters of their time.

Although he respects and admires what those pioneers of direct response marketing did, they never had access to technology like instant feedback loops inside algorithms that give us real-time data based on how people respond to marketing.

Marketing and Messaging required an update.

As a result, he developed CODE Methodology to work with today’s social media landscape.

It stands for "Context. Optimal. Decisive. Elements".

This messaging system beats everything we’ve matched it up against.

As a result, and if used properly, this method always increases conversions and bottom-line revenue.

After business owners, freelancers and agencies learn these groundbreaking methods - they called out for support in scaling their business and applying this "CODE Methodology" to every aspect of their business. 

And so CODE Collaboration was born. 


Having spend his 20's as a Real Estate Agent in his hometown of Fairbanks, Alaska, Chris discovered a love of marketing through learning how to rank his website for his real estate business. 

One thing led to another, and eventually he shut down his Real Estate Business to pursue online marketing as a full time profession. 

His first venture was a Search Engine Optimization Agency.

Until he discovered Social Media Ads - and he went all in. 

He started a new agency, running Facebook ads for businesses, and eventually started to teach and train on his methods. 

As time went on, he has consulted thousands of businesses on their messaging, their ads, their offers and overall strategy. 

Armed with being able to witness over $600K+ in social media ad spend - he has his thumb on the pulse of the online landscape - and how fast it changes. 

What was true yesterday is not true today... and consequently, what's true today won't be true tomorrow.

That's where CODE Collaboration comes in.  


Nic Lucas, PhD | Scientist, Author, Entrepreneur, Advisor

With 5 degrees, Nic has an extensive background in neuroscience, psychology, and entrepreneurship.  

He has started and exited companies in scientific publishing, online continuing education, and nutraceuticals, as well as numerous high-ticket coaching programs.

Through live presentations, webinars, online courses, coaching and consulting, he has impacted the lives, and businesses, of thousands of people.

Over the last few years, Nic has maintained a 1-day-per-week consulting practice, advising and mentoring entrepreneurs and leaders working in 7, 8 and ... in one case, 9 figure-business.

His one main focus, the brain and consciousness, enables two valuable applications:

1. Personal development of the entrepreneur
2. Profit optimization through neuromarketing and consumer neuroscience

In 2019, Nic was scrolling Facebook and saw an ad by Chris ... a total stranger.

He clicked it.

He watched a webinar.

And within a few hours invested thousands of dollars to learn everything about CODE Methodology in the (now discontinued) CODE 2 Conversions courses.

Nic and Chris began a friendship and in 2021, with Nic's help, Chris launched the CODE Methodology program, which has been running successfully ever since.

CODE Methodology provides a unique solution to a damning problem: ads that frequently fail, don't scale, and waste the limited time, money, and resources of frustrated entrepreneurs and marketers.

CODE Methodology intelligently solves this problem, enabling business owners to get ads working.

And with every solution, there comes a new problem. This is the duality in life.

And the new problem faced by business owners who now have ads that are working, is the challenge of running ads that are scaling ... consistently.

And the solution to this problem is CODE Collaboration.

Nic is excited to work with Chris to collaborate with a new group of entrepreneurs and marketers to optimize profit through: (1) optimizing the entrepreneur, and (2) optimizing their advertising, marketing, and sales.


Nic has been an entrepreneur since 1998 when he started a scientific publishing company while also studying for his first master's degree.  He sold that company to the world's largest medical publishing company, Elsevier.

In 2003 he developed an online learning management system for continuing medical education, and failed.

In 2004 he tried again, and failed.

Not to be deterred, in 2009 he tried again, and succeeded.  The company went on to educate students from 70 countries around the world over the next 8 years.

From 2017 to 2019, Nic was a partner at Build Grow Scale, coaching and advising 700 Shopify store owners on entrepreneurial thinking, neuromarketing, and consumer psychology.

Throughout his career he has worked with companies and organisations like The Childrens Cancer Institute (Australia), Elsevier Science, University of Sydney, PEW Environment Group (Australia), and The Draper Network.

He has launched a Number 1 iTunes Podcast (in Health), written an Amazon Best Selling book (mental health category), featured on national morning shows (in Australia), and his medical research continues to be cited by researchers around the world.

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24/7 Facebook Group: Stay connected to us round the clock through our dedicated Facebook group. No need to wait for a coaching call to ask questions or seek answers.

While we can't guarantee an immediate response, rest assured that your message will receive a thoughtful reply within 24 hours, often even sooner.

Bi-Monthly Live Calls: Join us for two live calls every month, each lasting an hour. Led by both Chris and Dr Nic, these calls are designed to address the specific challenges you are facing.

We dive deep into your concerns and provide personalized insights and actionable strategies to help you overcome obstacles and achieve your goals.

Collaboration Resource Hub: Our comprehensive resource hub ensures that the truth bombs shared in each call is accessible. 

Every call is recorded and catalogued for easy playback, giving you the flexibility to catch up on missed sessions at your convenience. Never miss out on valuable learnings. 


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